The Republic of the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry


      The UMFCCI was founded in 1919 as the Burmese Chamber of Commerce and upgraded as a federation in 1999 to be in line with the adoption of market oriented economic policy of the Government.

      The UMFCCI is a national level non- governmental organization (NGO) representing

and safeguarding the interests of the private sector.

      Another important function is to act as a bridge between the government and the private sector and also as its representative voice.

      This role is made possible by the fact that there is a vast network of chambers and associations affiliated with UMFCCI. Moreover, with the increasing membership strength, UMFCCI has become more and more representative of the private sector business community.


Vision – the Apex organization leading the promotion of business growth and national economic development of Myanmar.

Mission – To be the Champion of Myanmar business interests in building a competitive, equitable and prosperous business environment and nation.

Tagline – Strengthening Myanmar Businesses 



1.     To achieve national development mainly through promoting economic growth by sustainably strengthening the private sector.

2.     To act as a bridge between the private sector and the Government to increase competitiveness, and to create an equitable and sustainable business environment.

3.     To act as an effective representative of local businesses to the Government in advocating for economic policy and legislation preferences.

4.     To build capacity in businesses in order to improve competitiveness in both local and international markets and to act as a resource center for members to further expand economic growth.

5.     To stimulate the emergence of efficient, ethical, and responsible businesses to foster national development.

6.     To devise appropriate programs and policies to assist businesses in their preparation for future economies.

7.     To become a national apex organization which aims to closely cooperate with affiliated associations, development partners, and businesses for the sustainable development of the private sector.


Business Agenda

1)     Economic Policy : comprehensive, transparent and stable policies that provide confidence, direction and protection to local businesses.

2)   Trade and Investment : promotion of policies that positively contributes to the national economy and the development of local businesses.

3)     Industrial development : promotion of policies leading to investment and growth in the manufacturing sector as a means to achieve value added production, export and job creation.

4)     Tax and regulation : a competitive, modern and inclusive tax system

5)     Industrial relations and labor issues : build harmonious and mutually beneficial relationships between employers and employees based on the rule of law.

6)     Ease of Doing Business : pursuit of conditions that will enhance business operations and eliminate circumstances to the contrary.

7)     Public-Private Cooperation and Dialogue : a dynamic and holistic engagement mechanism between government and businesses based on the spirit of trust and cooperation.

8)     Financial inclusion : promotion of programs for financial inclusion and the access to finance

9)    Responsible businesses : promotion and support for businesses and investments which uphold high levels of responsibility, accountability and ethics.

10)  Technology, Innovation and capacity building : foster innovation and operational excellence capabilities for local businesses to be competitive in the modern global economy.

11)  MSME Development : Promote the successful formation and growth of SMEs in the country for sustainable, equitable and diversified grassroots economic development.

12)  Strengthening the Formal Business Sector : Develop and advocate policies which strengthen and incentivizes a sustainable and vibrant formal business sector





We are here

Formed in 1919, we have spent 100 years supporting business in Myanmar

We are informed

We are aware of the issues that affect businesses in Myanmar. We disseminate trade and market information.

We know markets

75 National Level Federations and Associations are under the umbrella of UMFCCI giving you immediate access to a wide range of products and services.

We make you market ready

We provide first-hand insights on Myanmar’s business trends, and open doors by providing you with valuable government and industry connections. Our International Trade Inquiry Service helps you to find partners to source your products.

We validate

We issue commercial documents and certificates of origin for goods to be exported.

We are international

We are working closely who giving us valuable experience of the requirements of international businesses and markets

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·        ASEAN Business Advisory Council

·        East Asia Business Council

·        Greater Mekong Sub-region Business Forum

·        Ayeyawaddy Chao-Phraya Mekong Economic Cooperation Strategy (ACMECS)

·        World Bank

·        IMF

·        World Trade Organization 

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